Acer Aspire AX1301 PSU Replacement

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Acer Aspire AX1301 PSU Replacement

Acer Aspire AX1301’s look nice. They’ve got loads of USB sockets and connectivity for a small form factor PC. Their only issue is the cost of parts when it comes to repairs. We were recently contacted by a client who had an issue with their small form factor not PC booting up. The unit had a failed PSU and on further testing, dead RAM. The PSU in this unit is a hard one to source, but the RAM was easy! We came up with a unique solution, with minimum downtime and within budget.

We contacted our usual suppliers who advised that we would be able to get a refurbished PSU for around £75.00 which was way over budget for a unit that would only come with 3 three months warranty. We wanted to come up with a more viable solution so we transplanted the entire guts of the machine out of the old case into a new micro-ATX case with a new serviceable power supply for £30.00.

We replaced the RAM with some Ballistix RAM and ran our diagnostics on the equipment as part of our burn in test. All worked perfectly!

We resolved the issue for our client way under budget and gave them a much better platform for future maintenance. We also provided them with a clear disaster recovery plan so that next time the issue was not so urgent. We resolved this issue within 8 business hours, ensuring our customer’s downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.


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