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WordPress Plugin Revolution Slider Exploit Discovered by UBH Team

WordPress website owners using Revolution Slider need to check their WordPress plugins immediately. An exploit has been found, which allows a hacker to simply download your wp-config.php file. This allows them view to your database username, password, host and database prefixes. Using this information, it is then possible for the hacker to reset your WordPress password, email address and gain...

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Oracle Announce Security Alert for OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability CVE-2014-0160

The Security Alert for OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability CVE-2014-0160 was released on April 18th, 2014. This Security Alert addresses CVE-2014-0160 (‘Heartbleed’), a security vulnerability which affects multiple OpenSSL versions implemented by various vendors in their products. This vulnerability also affects multiple Oracle products. Due to the severity and the reported exploitation of...

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Heartbleed Sites and How to Reset Your Passwords

Several big companies have been hit by the recent Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL. It is advisable to reset your password with these companies incase your details have been leaked – it is also advisable to only do this once they have announced that it’s been patched. Where possible, it is also a good idea to activate 2 key authentication to stop unauthorised access to your accounts. Each...

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Huge WordPress Jetpack Exploit Discovered – Update to v2.9.3

Jetpack has released version a new version of its WordPress plugin; version 2.9.3 today. This plugs a newly discovered massive exploit that had been resident since v1.9! Jetpack have recommended that all WordPress websites running Jetpack update their plugin immediately. Visit and manually download Jetpack to download it manually or via your WordPress admin panel as normal....

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WordPress Security Flaws in 400 NHS Websites Leave them Vulnerable to Attack

According to a recent survey, WordPress is currently used on 20% of websites on the internet, and the NHS are clearly an avid user, even if their websites are not being properly managed. In a recent article in Computer Active, it has been announced that an independent security researcher Terence Eden has discovered that there are around 400 NHS websites were vulnerable to attack putting their...

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Asus and Linksys Router Exploit Discovered that Affects Different Models

The Internet Storm Center (ISC) has warned about a continued attempt to exploit a known vulnerability affecting around 23 separate models of Linksys routers. There have also been additional reports that Asus routers are also under attack. In recent weeks it has been discovered that one gang in Poland has successfully modified router settings in a bid to steal cash and passwords. The Linksys...

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