Microsoft Blog Hacked Again by Syrian Electronic Army

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Microsoft Blog Hacked Again by Syrian Electronic Army

Microsoft have been attacked again by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) and had their Office Blog defaced, hours after a redesign. This has been on top of having two of their twitter accounts hacked earlier.

The Microsoft Office Blogs site had a rogue article titled “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.” The article has since been removed, but they posted a screenshot via their twitter account.

The website attack occured just as Microsoft had presented their new site design on Monday. The SEA posted a screenshot on Twitter of what it claims was the site’s old admin panel when it was running on software from Telligent, a developer of online enterprise collaboration and community platforms, and a screenshot of the site’s new supposed admin panel, suggesting that it’s now running on WordPress.

The screenshots seem to suggest SEA had complete access to Microsoft’s blog site before and after the CMS (content management system) switch and support the group’s previous claims that it had access to various Microsoft employee accounts.

“Dear @Microsoft, Changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don’t know about that,” the hacker group said Monday via Twitter.

Microsoft has since admitted that the email accounts of some of its employees may have been compromised. In their statement issued at the time it said “no customer information had been compromised”.


SEA is a group of hackers who in the past declared their loyalty to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. They have targeted various western media organizations, including The New York Times, Financial Times, the Associated Press, The Guardian, BBC as well as Al Jazeera. Their primary technique for breaking into Twitter accounts and websites is social engineering, primarily phishing.



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