Salvaging a Sage Act! 2011 Database from a Remote Connection

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Using Sage Act! 2011 is a popular method of managing company wide communication with customers. It may have it’s downfalls but many companies rely on this to handle their back office.

Recently one of our clients experienced drive failure on their Sage Act! Server and we were unable to boot the PC and salvage either their backups or database data from the drive. We even attempted to access the drive using salvage software but in the end we had to restore the data from one of the remote PCs.We chose a machine that had recently synced its data successfully meaning it was the most up to date copy.

Sage Act! 2011 Remote Connection Machine Backup Steps

  • Open Sage Act! 2011 on the Remote Connection PC
  • Click on File – Back Up – Database (Don’t choose Export Database as this will not allow you to create Remote Sync Sets later)
  • Back up the data to your local PC (this is going to become your new DB
  • Choose a location and password protect if you want to. You might want to do this on a network share where the new Act! 2011 Server can access this. Failing that you could put it on a USB stick as it will be imported later.

Sage Act! 2011 Restore Steps on New Act! Server

This stage will restore the backed up Act! data to the newly promoted Act Server. This means that you will

  • Open Sage! Act 2011 on the newly promoted Act! Server (We used another redundant PC in the Office)
  • Cancel any login requests
  • Click on File – Restore – Database
  • Choose Restore As
  • Click on Tools – Synchronisation Panel
  • Create Sage Act! Remote Database Connection RDBs (We chose a local share on the ie \\act_server_02\Act_Share to make it easier to save/access)
  • Configure these accordingly and save somewhere where the remote users can access them

Sage Act! 2011 Remote Connection Steps

You should now be able to go through the process of connecting to a remote database on each machine that needs access to the new Act Server.

Running Regular Sage Act! 2011 Backups

Backing up your Sage Act! data should be a priority with any Sage install. To ensure you’re able to continue when a primary machine fails. Follow these instructions to help set up your backups. Don’t forget to test this too!

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