Inside a Google Data Centre

Posted by on Apr 27, 2011 in Hints and Tips | 0 comments have been integrating Google Apps for Domains for our clients since 2006. This additional service gives our clients additional data resilience, security and reliability when it comes to accessing and managing their company documents and email. This cloud based service is reliable and proven.

Google’s dedication to data resilience is something you need to see…

Ten Benefits of Using Google Apps for Domains

  1. Reliable search backed up by Google’s
  2. Never archive or File an Email again
  3. Compatible with Macintosh, Linux and Windows environments
  4. Email on the move; works with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile
  5. ISP Independence; you’re no longer restricted to using your home or domain ISP
  6. Store and access your office documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and forms online via a web browser
  7. Cloud based. No need to VPN to your office just to get one file!
  8. Google Calendar is a great alternative to Microsoft Exchange
  9. Google Mail is accessible via a browser or Outlook/Thunderbird
  10. Above all – Easy to implement and cost effective

If you would like to know more about Google Apps for Domains and how it can bring your company additional cloud based benefits, why not contact us?

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