Draytek 2820n 3G Failover with T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Stick 615

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Draytek 2820n 3G Failover with T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Stick 615

Draytek’s Vigor routers are fantastic – we love them! They are our go to routers as they offer a wide range of features and facilities for the small office home office. One of their key features is connectivity fail over – or alternative internet connections when one goes down. We routinely implement these ADSL broadband routers for clients that need to bond multiple broadband lines together to improve speed or provide a secondary fail-over solution. This can be either another ADSL or Cable internet provider or in special cases a 3G card.

We recently attempted this using a T-Moblie 3G USB stick and had a few teething issues setting it up. Here is what we did to resolve it:

  • Upgrade Draytek Vigor firmware to (Either as a complete factory reset (.RST) or just upgrade)
  • Plug USB Dongle into router (it sometimes takes a while to get a signal)
  • Log in to admin panel (normally but your mileage may vary)
  • Click on WAN – General Setup
  • Make sure that Physical Mode on WAN2 is set to 3G USB Modem not Ethernet. Not sure why you cant do both but hey!
  • We set the Active Mode to Always On but you may want to alter this based on your contract as you may incur charges. We have a pretty decent deal with T-Mobile so this was set accordingly.
  • Click on WAN – Internet Access
  • Click on WAN2 and configure as follows:

    APN: general.t-mobile.uk (note this is not general.t-mobile.co.uk)
    Username: user
    Password: pass
  • Your connection should become active and you will see this on the Online Status page

I read somewhere else online that you needed to pass an alternative modem dial string, but this was not the case for me. I tried it and it didn’t work. They are as follows if you wish to try this. If you have a different USB dongle, they may help:

Modem Initial String: AT&FE0V1X1&D2&C1S0=0 (default)
Modem Dial String: ATDT*99***16#

Please note that this will be a lower speed internet connection, so don’t expect to be able to run your office VoIP phones and video streaming over this type of connection.

If your company or organisation would like to discuss disaster planning or alternative connectivity solutions, why not get in touch?

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