Asus and Linksys Router Exploit Discovered that Affects Different Models

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The Internet Storm Center (ISC) has warned about a continued attempt to exploit a known vulnerability affecting around 23 separate models of Linksys routers. There have also been additional reports that Asus routers are also under attack.

In recent weeks it has been discovered that one gang in Poland has successfully modified router settings in a bid to steal cash and passwords.

The Linksys virus is a self-replicating worm or program called The Moon. Once your router has been compromised it then attempts to find other vulnerable systems.

In a statement, Linksys said it was aware of the Moon malware and said it took hold on hardware only if a Remote Management Access feature was turned on. Turning the router off and disabling the remote management system should clear out the worm, it added.

Linksys has published technical advice about how to update the core software for vulnerable routers and how to turn off the remote management feature.

Last year, some owners of Asus routers who remotely connect via the gadget to hard drives in their homes and access media remotely found that someone had used the same feature to upload a text file advising them to make their device safe. Ten separate models of Asus router are believed to be vulnerable to the same exploit.

This loophole on the Asus routers first discovered in mid-2013, has been patched via a software update last week. Users may need to check that their router has either been updated or manually do it themselves. GiraffeDog recommend that you backup any settings before attempting this.


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